Mitutoyo establishes EHQ


Mitutoyo Messgeraete GmbH (the principal German subsidiary of the Mitutoyo Group, with approximately 300 employees) will be reorganized and as of January 1st 2010 will change its name to Mitutoyo Europe GmbH for the purpose of serving this role. Harumi Aoki, a Director of Mitutoyo Corporation, will become the President of the new Company and Head of European operations.

Mitutoyo Europe GmbH will oversee all the activities of Mitutoyo’s sales, service and production facilities throughout Europe and adjacent markets, including those of Turkey and Russia. It will also plan and implement the medium and long term business strategies of such European operations. A central European Distribution Centre (EDC) will be located in Venlo, the Netherlands, to improve logistics, reduce product lead times and operating costs.

A Mitutoyo Europe GmbH key objective is to promote coordination amongst its European Group Companies in order to optimize its sales and technical support services in the best interests of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will provide the group with expertise in the administration and observance of EU and International legislation such as compliance to exports controls and environmental directives.

The Mitutoyo Corporation is Global operator and the formation of Mitutoyo Europe GmbH will further its implementation of unified sales and service policies to enhance and strengthen customer support around the World. The Mitutoyo brand and services are synonymous with “quality” and Mitutoyo Europe GmbH will embrace a philosophy of “continued improvement” by adopting a forward thinking strategy to benefit of our customers and our European operations.